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Recently started working on a personal branding challenge!  - Family and friends always ask for logos, stickers, posters and design advice. So, I decided to turn it into a challenge for myself this year. I will create 22 brand examples and 22 design tips for 2022 and share them on Instagram. Some brands and tips will be for the request of loved ones and some for personal practice. This project will evolve as time goes by so follow the Instagram page to watch it evolve!



Graphic Design


Web Design







Personal 2022 Challange

What I'm doing at work.

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Branding #1

Introducing Crumbs, a neighborhood bakery branding.

Branding #3

Mon Jarden is a tea branding based on natural tones and the beauty of dried plants. It is made for Mon Jarden store in Izmir, Turkey. It consists of brand guidelines, web design, and packaging design.

Branding #4

Branding and packaging made for my dad Kerim’s olive oil. The brand is named Kerolive and it’s inspired by its roots, the Mediterranean. The packages are currently being made and they will soon become the go-to gift from our family to our friends.

Design Tip #1

Color Psychology